"Black Girl Magic" is a phrase coined by Cashawn Thompson that we use to capture the essence of those moments when a Black Girl saves the day, makes your day or just adds a little sparkle to it. We do that by drawing upon the skills and strengths of the Black Girl Magicians who have come before us like Asaata Shakur, Mae Jemison, Nikki Giovanni,

and Madame C.J. Walker. 

Each year for Formation Con brings Black Girls from around the world together in the most powerful city in the world to reclaim our time and be in formation together.


And we are proud to announce our theme for Formation Con 2020 is






Black Girls been magic and we deserve space to be magic for ourselves...

Join us for this phenomenal experience and share with a phenomenal Black Girl in your life.

This event is dedicated to creating affinity space for girls ages 12-18. During this experience, our participants are encouraged to explore identity mapping, self-expression, social and political activism, and advocacy, reproductive health and wellness, community development, and current real-world issues affecting the lives of Black Girls and their communities.



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Black Girl

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