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In the fight for social justice, the voices and stories of Black Girls and Women often fall upon deaf ears. While being the catalyst and sustaining force behind many major social justice movements, Black Girls and Women have not received the same level of effort and care.


They are disproportionately at-risk for higher occurrences of discrimination, environmental injustice and sexual, police, and domestic violence. Black Girls and Women comprise 7% of the entire US population while representing 10% of all missing person cases in the US. And with all of this happening, we still find the time to be activist and every type of essential. 


Help us center and protect Black Girls and Women by listening, learning, sharing, and elevating these stories/issues and

TAKE ACTION in solidarity with us #InSolidarity✊🏾 

We deserve to exist. 

Police violence impacts Black women 

and other women of color just as it does Black men. So sadly, we too need survival tactics for our teen girls attending pool parties and our girlfriends eating at the Waffle House. We need advice on how to handle encounters with the police that can quickly turn violent and even deadly.”

–Kanya Bennett, Senior Legislative Counsel, ACLU                                                                                              Say Her Name: Recognizing Police Brutality Against Black Women

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#ProtectBlackGirls #TrustBlackGirls

#WeDeserveToExist #BlackLivesMatter

#BlackGirlsMatter #FindOurGirls

#BlackGirlPushout #BlackGirlsVote


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