A Note From 

        Ms. Gabbi




 Hey, Y'all Hey,


And welcome to the Official Website for The Black Girl TRIBE!


I am so happy you're here and I hope you are inspired. You inspire me!

 I have had opportunities to work with and for some of the country's leading NGOs (non-governmental organizations). During my tenure designing programs, conferences, and events for International Women's Rights organizations, I noticed most of the time none of the women in the room looked like me. 


And even though almost all of the issues these organizations focused on directly impacted Black and Brown Girls and women, they were almost never given seats at the table to discuss actions or solutions. 


The work I was doing was impactful and worthy, but I found myself constantly having to explain the necessity of honoring and unapologetically focusing on the healthy development of Black Girls and Women. While I was hired for my culture, creativity, and passion; those very things were shunned when I used them to empower myself and those that looked like me. Having to constantly explain to "well-meaning" people the trauma they placed on my life with their carelessness for Black Girls and Women, including myself, was exhausting; subsequently distracting me from all the change I could be actually be making in the world.


And out of those feelings of disempowerment and devalue, I pulled together a dream team and TRIBE, Inc. was born...because nevertheless, Black Girls persist. 


Statistics show that Black Girls disproportionately suffer from the lack of access to education, healthcare, and other vital and supplemental resources.

Privilege is not spent on Black Girls; but yet and still, it is a pleasure to be one.


We work hard, excelling at and beating the odds. We break through ceilings, shake tables, and take space in places that, at one time, we could not walk through the front door. And while we realize our past is one of brutal beauty and triumph, we are fueled by it to light the fire of the future.


Using our network of Black Girl Magicians, our Village, champions and community partners; TRIBE is working diligently to fill in the gaps for Black girls by providing a space for mentorship, advocacy, and holistic culturally-competent and relevant programming. We have over 20 years of experience in youth and culture work, with a lifetime experience of being Black Girls.

This is what makes us different and successful in our endeavors. We approach our program development from a holistic, culturally-competent, and relevant perspective – or at least we work really hard to, realizing that no one is perfect. Our programs and actions are all developed in the spirit of gained access, “noticed need”, or direct life experience.


Our TRIBE is huge and still growing. With alumni sisters in medical school, universities, and professions of all kinds, we are building a network of empowered Girls and Women like no other. Our success is in the sustained success and growth of our Tribe. Every new participant-turned-sister brings her family and community (her Tribe) with her, therefore adding to our greater Village. We develop programs that not only support Black Girls, but that can be supplemental to the communities that foster them. We rely on relationships, our allies, word of mouth, and the power of Black Girl Magic – and it has never let us down. We depend on our Tribe.

Before starting TRIBE I was told initiatives that are dedicated solely to Black Girls have “insufficient and immeasurable outcomes.” TRIBE is my response to that. Black Girls are anything but insufficient, and the only thing immeasurable about us is our potential.




In Solidarity, 




Gabrielle Martinez

Founder, CEO and Executive Director 






G. Martinez