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The Premiere Black Girl's Empowerment Conference





Est. 2016


"My daughter tends to be shy and usually has a hard time opening up to people she doesn’t know. It was nice to see her so comfortable out of her own comfort zone. Initially, I was very nervous about sending her because of her shyness and I felt like she wouldn’t participate. I was glad that I was proven wrong. Thank you Tribe for such an absolutely amazing experience. We look forward to the next!"


-Parent of FormCon Alumnae


"It was pretty last minute that I heard about this opportunity but I took a chance. My husband and I were truly blessed for our daughter to be apart of this experience and hope to continue with other events. The message at the closing ceremony was heartfelt and made me want to help in any way I can. My daughter came out of her shell and made us proud. Thank you all so much for such an awesome and well needed outreach in our community."


-Parent of FormCon Alumnae



Our Black Girl Empowerment experience is dedicated to creating affinity space for girls ages 12-18. We call this "The FORMATION Conference" 

During this experience, our participants are encouraged to explore identity mapping, self-expression, social and political activism, and advocacy, reproductive health and wellness, community development, entrepreneurship and current real-world issues affecting the lives of

Black Girls and their communities.


TRIBE takes care of everything - from accommodations, food, and materials for the sessions - asking only that each girl comes with an open mind and heart, prepared to begin or continue her journey to being a champion for herself and others just like her.




Interested in bringing our conference to your city? 

Send an email to:


First-time participants and those who have not previously participated in SIHLE engage in an abridged version of the program. SIHLE alumni take part in an abridged version of the sister program, FIRE. ALL Participants are able to meet, mingle, and learn from influential Black Women as facilitators, tribe leaders, and counselors.



Conferences have included breakout sessions such as:

-Secure The Bag: Financial LITeracy 101

-Black Art and Creative Mediums 

-Improv Acting Class

-African Dance and Step 

-How to Build A Brand Like Beyonce

-Black Girl's Mental Health Matters

-Black Girl Rising: Advocacy and Organizing

-Career Panels 


-College Prep

-Yoga and Sound Bowl Helaing







"This was not our daughter’s first, in fact she has been attending for the last four years. And this year we couldn’t have been more comfortable and pleased with the results! We were able to relax more knowing that she was in capable hands with no distractions. Thank you Ms. Gabbi for your commitment to the cause of empowering others, especially our Black / Brown girls and young women!


-Parent of FormCon Alumnae


"I absolutely love and appreciate this program. It was right on time because we didn't have such a great school year and financially I didn't have anything extra to send her to camp so it was a great way for her to have a rich experience where she learned and still had a blast. Your work is so important and the message to our girls is invaluable. Please continue all you do. My daughter felt changed and couldn't stop talking about the things she experienced like meditation with the singing bowls, feeling calm, the museum, the food, the support of the staff when she had cramps, the moment when everyone complimented each other, learning about business and investing, learning about confidence, learning about navigating as a young black lady in a world with racism. She really loved everything and I felt so happy for her.


-Parent of FormCon Alumnae


"I could tell that the participants had a wonderful time. I appreciated seeing how you, and your staff pour yourselves into the girls. The love in the room was palpable."


-Parent of FormCon  Alumnae

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