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The Black tradition has roots in leaning on community and spinning scraps into gold, all out of necessity for lack of widespread socioeconomic support.


In 2019, TRIBE raised over $10,000 to support Formation Conference 2019, all raised from small-dollar donors. We know this was a blessing our ancestors are proud of.


And as we prepare to host Formation Conference 2020,

we hope we can count on your support as an investment in Black Girl Futures!


Our ancestors struggled and fought against systems of oppression so future generations could flourish in ways they were not afforded. This ball is a continuation in honoring the contributions of those who preceded us and the seeds they planted...



Our inaugural gala and award ceremony will be held on

April 25th, 2020

at the National Museum Of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.

This event is in honor of Blacks Girls and Women edifying, purpose, faith, collective responsibility, cooperative economics, creativity, self-determination, and unity.


Often times, the contributions and impacts of Black Women are under-recognized or unacknowledged.  This event serves to raise awareness and support for TRIBE's year-round programming while celebrating our Lotus Award Recipients for their active contributions,

giving them their flowers...

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